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Jumping with joy:

It makes me hopping mad that Kangaroos are killed for their skins.

A case in point is Nike, which has come under fire by animal activists for using Kangaroo skin for its football boots. These kangaroos are hunted and according to Australia’s code of practice  if a slaughtered female has a baby (joey) in her pouch, this baby “must also be killed immediately, by decapitation or a heavy blow to the skull to destroy the brain, or shooting” read more @ http://bit.ly/2bbj3Fr

So I was extremely happy to read about one compassionate man, Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns.

Brolga has opened a Kangaroo Sanctuary in central Australia’s Alice Springs. Currently he looks after 30 orphaned kangaroos.

Their mothers’ might have been run over or hunted leaving their babies to die, if it was not for Brolga.

Kang TLC given by Brolga ❤

Kang1According to Brolga, “Baby kangaroos feel safe, comfortable and…

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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

I have discovered Lauren Brooke Cosmetics a few years ago and I totally adore their products.

Find out about Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques mission here

This is extremely hard now to find cosmetics that are not tested on animals and safe to use at the same time.

You have to be so careful with what you apply on your skin, once absorbed it can reach every organs transported via your blood stream.I also have learnt that it’s safer not to use foundation in the form of loose powder so I don’t use loose powder anymore.


Before making a purchase, I always research the ingredients even if there are not listed
So many brands, especially those testing on animals usually don’t disclose the harmful components of their ingredients list.
You can see all the ingredients of each product on Laure Brooke’s website.

The ingredients are high quality, organic GMOs free. You can’t dream of better ingredients to put on your skin.

screenshot-www laurenbrookecosmetiques com 2015-08-29 22-20-07

Approved by Teddy !


Choosing the right foundation is really important.
Lauren Brooke gives you the possibility to try small sample sizes and it’s a brilliant idea, I would recommend to try several shades before purchasing a full size.
I have tried the samples myself and I have finally found the perfect match for me. I have ordered a 10 Warm, it’s the lightest color and even though I have olive tone skin, it blends perfectly.
Don’t forget that you will apply blush, sun powder.. So don’t go too dark but not too light either of course.
Don’t forget to put foundation on your neck too. I used to have a friend in High School who was wearing a foundation two shades darker to look tanned and she was not putting foundation on her neck and it looked really weird, plus the color was far too dark and not matching her skin tone.

Remember less is more when you use make up.
To determine what is the right tone for you, apply a stripe of foundation on your down cheek, the best match will disappear on the skin and blend.
My color matching guide.

The cool shades work best for people who have pinkish red undertones in their skin. Very sensitive to sun.
The neutral shades work best for people who have yellow undertones, peachy hue, sensitive to sun.
and the warm shades work best for people who have yellow, orange golden tones in their skin. Likely tans easy.

That being said, each person is so individual and the best way to find out is to apply a small amount and see which shade just disappears into your skin.

I love Lauren Brooke’s foundation. It looks so natural and gives you a perfect buildable coverage (depending on how many layers you apply), it enhances your complexion without clogging your pores, and gives you this dewy finish.
I have so many Lauren Brooke products in my make up bag.


Other Lauren Brooke I love:

The body glitters are fantastic too. I love everything that sparkles and those mineral body glitter are absolutely amazing.
I have also purchased two adorable perfume rolls. Whimsy smells like if you are entering a spa: this is what I think. Allure smells like a sun lotion,I love both but I haven’t tried other smells yet.
The compact blushes give you a glow and I wear Sweet Sixteen or Caramel depending on what I am wearing or the result I want to get.

Not all the products are Vegan, some of them contain organic beeswax and silk but there is so much choice already and more to come. You can easily find out which one are vegan by looking at the ingredients list.
I insist on the fact that are cruelty free and organic.




















It’s very difficult now to find cruelty free and products without harmful chemicals.
The lip glosses are great and smell lovely but they are not vegan. The colors are so pretty.
So many brands are not cruelty free anymore, you know if you have read my other posts, so it’s really important to encourage the cruelty free brands, especially if they are organic and safe.
I know that Lauren is working on new vegan products.
I would really suggest to try the products, you won’t regret it.

I was not financially compensated for this post.I received samples of the products for review purposes.All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.



Today was World Lion Day and I wanted to honor Cecil.

You certainly all know Cecil by now.
Cecil was killed using an arrow and was left wounded for 40 hours before being chased down and killed with a bullet. He was then beheaded and skinned.

Thinking about Cecil reminded of me a story from my childhood…

When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I had an appendectomy.
My mother wanted to get me a gift that I could take with me to the hospital for comfort so I told her that I wanted a lion and his cub as soft toys.

At the hospital, the surgeon came to see me before the surgery and he saw my lions. He told me that he really liked my lions, he said that they were absolutely stunning and looked just like real lions. He also said: “I can see that you love animals, this is awesome, I do too”.

He then told me that he goes on safari trips every year to take pictures. He said that lions were amazing and that it was breathtaking to see them in the wild. He encouraged me to go one day.

He was a true animal lover, he respected them.
The only way that he ever shot those animals was with a camera, and that’s how it should be.


(Those are not actual pictures of my soft toys, I don’t know where they are after all this time but they look similar)
If you want to help, sign and share all the petitions you can and share them.
Here is a message from Kevin Richardson ( The Lion Whisperer)
First let me post a few pictures of Kevin:



Here is the link:

We need to work all together to ban trophy hunting and hunting in general.
What was to fear just happened,one of Cecil’s cubs has been killed by a rival lion.

Here is a link that you should open:
You can watch the trailer here:

Cecil was a magnificent, gorgeous animal, this is how he will be remembered.












Tilikum, the newest Truth Belt.

I am so excited to present you the all brand new creation from Truth Belt. The quality is absolutely amazing. I love the message behind it. It is worth your support. The Tilikum belt is absolutely gorgeous in all ways.
Here is the Truth belt newsletter, I encourage you to subscribe to get the latest news and promotions.
You can look at all the other belts, cuffs, tees…..on the website. if you want to order, you can subscribe for free to the newsletter and you will get 25$ off. You will receive an email with the discount code. if you have any question, please comment and I will be happy to help.
Truth is a brand that we should all support.

This article is written by Renia Pruchnicki Truth owner and creator of the stunning Tilikum belt, please read:


I am excited to share my newest belt creation with you called Tilikum. Earlier this year I was watching the documentary called Blackfish, which tells a powerful story about an Orlando Sea World killer whale named Tilikum. Sea World stole Tilikum from the ocean when he was just a baby and was raised in a confined tank to be performance moneymaker for Sea World.To find out more about this amazing documentary, click here.

The tragedy lies in the fact that killer whales are so unhappy in captivity, that they start behaving aggressively towards their fellow captive whales and also toward their trainers. Sadly, Tilikum has killed three of his trainers and has seriously hurt other trainers. Whales in captivity also hurt other whales in the same tank because there is simply not enough room for them to live. They become aggressive.

Here is a great article about it, if you feel so inclined!Orca whales are used to swimming in an ocean where they can swim great distances each day between 50-150 miles. In captivity they can only do laps in a small tank. In the wild they can live up to over 100 years old and have never hurt humans while living in their natural habitat.All orca whales that live in captivity have a floppy looking top fin, which is a sign of…
Orca whales in captivity simply do not have enough room to swim and to have a happy, heathly life. They eventually go a bit stir crazy, and this is a red flag that needs to be noticed.
Details of the Tilikum vegan belt
When I designed the Tilikum vegan belt, it had no name. After finding out about how whales in performance captivity are treated, I felt compelled to draw attention to this issue and name this belt Tilikum. And, let’s face it, Tilikum is a cool name!
The red bottom
Another unique feature of this belt is the red colour found on the bottom layer. Only the wearer will know about because it is not visible when worn. The name Tilikum is stamped on the inside in black letters, along with my favorite saying “genuine non-leather”. The Tilikum belt in available in black only.

How the strap tucks in!
You know how most belts have the end of the strap that is on the outside? The strap on Tilikum is on the inside! This gives the front of the belt a flat, sleek look.

The environmental aspect
The inside layer is made with recycled car tires which is great news for Mother Nature. When car tires are retired, they are either burnt or put into landfills. This is horrible for the environment.Whales are highly intelligent creatures. My hope in naming this belt Tilikum is to raise awareness on the “stealing baby whales from the ocean for money making reasons” issue, and to propel people to consider our relationship to nature. As humans, we are after all, part of nature.With over 21 million views since the documentary Blackfish came out, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite continues to raise awareness. Check out an interview with Gabriela here, taken one year after the release of her informative and inspiring documentary.Have you seen Blackfish? What do you think about either the documentary, or my newest belt? Leave your comments on my Facebook post by clicking here. I would love to hear from you.

Not only is this belt animal friendly, but it is also environmentally friendly. The Tilikum belt is available now at www.truthbelts.com. Have a great day, and live your truth!
Yours in health, consciousness and cool vegan fashion,
Renia Pruchnicki
Truth, owner