Absolute SoftBLEND creme to Powder foundation.

I’m using this foundation. It’s Vegan/Paraben free. I have it in the color Sausalito. I used to use foundation in the form of loose powder but after reading Stephanie Greenwood’s blog (she is a Chemist) , I have decided not to use foundation in loose powder and use only liquid or compact like i’m using now. http://chemicaloftheday.squarespace.com/most-controversial/2010/4/7/mineral-makeup-dangers.html
I’m choosing a color slightly lighter than my complexion like this when i’m using sun powder or blush, it just looks natural. I don’t use sun powder anyway all over my face, just a bit on the cheeks, on the nose , on my forehead and on my neck.
Also at the moment i’m a bit darker than in the winter because i’m still a bit tan so i don’t want to buy a darker and a lighter shade.
When i’m applying the foundation , i’m applying it like a concealer , by touch, insisting on the areas where i need to hide something, like around my nose and where I have melasma and under my eyes.
The result needs to be as natural as possible like if you don’t wear anything.
Never buy a darker shade to look you are coming back from holidays, it would look horrible. The color needs to blend and then you can play with sun powder and blush.









    1. Thank you so much.What an adorable comment:)I will post every week at least twice a week. Please don’t hesitate asking me any question you could have.
      What is your first name?
      With love.


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