Don’t buy products tested on animals.Never ever! Don”t be a part of this:

if you are buying products, cosmetics, make up …tested on animals , you are a part of this horror.
It’s very easy to find products non tested on animals, but you need to do some research and buy mostly online.
When i’m going shopping, i know exactly what not to buy, this is almost all brands, there are just a few exceptions.
Online , it’s easy.
I can help you with it, and i will love to. Just write to me and i can advice products, i can advice you how to put make up to and the colors which would look great on you if you send me a picture.
Please just avoid the brands who still test, you really don’t want to be a part of it.
Expensive brands test most of the time especially the brands who want to sell in China.
This is very hypocrite, those brands test because they want to protect themselves in case you would get an allergy.. but they put loads of chemicals in their products and you could end up at the hospital for something really serious: watch: The story of cosmetics.So interesting. I totally changed my way of buying after watching it.
I will post links, when you don’t know, don’t hesitate to ask me.
Protecting the animals is what i’m trying to do so i’m always ready to do all i can to protect them.









  1. Love this! So lovely to see someone willingly give up their time to advise people of where to buy cruelty free…:-) I love that top you have on!


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