Red Apple Lipstick Update.

I have just received my little parcel.I was so excited to try my new products.
I totally understand now why everyone loves those products.They come in an adorable little bag.
They feel wonderful when you put them on.they are gluten free,cruelty free, vegan, soy free and made in the USA.
It all started when i was looking for safe make up and found Red Apple lipstick.
I entered my email to receive the newsletters and i received lovely and so interesting messages from Jay, who created this fabulous brand.How awesome is that?!
So i started to write to Jay and i asked for advices. Jay replied immediately and advised me always in an adorable way with very sweet messages.
This is the first time that i see something wonderful like that!
i asked about eyeshadows as i’m looking for a very specific color and i received an adorable message from Andrea.Andrea is advertising for the colors so when you look for a color , you click on the pictures and see how it looks on Andrea and the other models.
The communication is wonderful and it’s something i have never seen before.i love this!
it was really hard to choose among all those beautiful colors. I finally made my mind and ordered the lipstick in : Love my kiss.The lip pencil in brick.The lipgloss in Cotton candy.The rallye balm and the little case for eyeshadows.I have’t ordered eyeshadows yet.
I chose Love my kiss because i love the color of the watermelon and this is the color it is supposed to be.
Of course i would love to try more colors.On my pictures i’m wearing the lip pencil and Love my kiss.
On the other picture i only wear the gloss. On my opinion don’t wear it with the lip pencil as the colors don’t












In the meantime, i have received the lipstick in the color: Summer sands and it’s lovely. It looks really natural.
I have received a few samples too . I Really like the color Drama and the color hibiskiss but the color Crush on me wasn’t wonderful on me. It’s not really a color for me.I haven’t tried Sugar sugar yet.



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