Buy cruelty free make up brushes and hair brushes.Don’t support the fur trade.

Do you know that if you are buying animal-hair make up brushes you are supporting the fur trade?
The Animal-hair make up brush industry supports the fur trade.

Goats, badgers, squirrels, minks, and ponies ,raccoons …all donate (unwillingly) their hair to makeup brushes. Each type of hair comes with its own unique strengths and advantages. The stiffness of badger hair works to define, shape, and fill in brows. Goat hair is very soft and provides a medium-to-full application that is even and natural-looking. Kolinsky hair (from the tail of a species of mink) holds a fine point and is good when you need to be precise. Pony hair is typically used in blush or eye brushes, and is considered strong enough for good contouring. Squirrel—often considered the softest hair—is good for detailing and shading the crease of the eye.

Are the animals harmed when they give up this hair? According to, mink and sable brushes often use hair obtained from the fur industry, which is known for trapping and killing animals for their pelts, often by gassing or electrocuting to avoid damaging the hair. Horse hair commonly comes from horses slaughtered for meat, goats are shorn like sheep (and may suffer cuts and other injuries), and squirrels are hunted or trapped. Some manufacturers obtain their hair supplies from other countries, where animal welfare regulations are either lax or nonexistent.

“Companies that claim that they are cruelty free,” says Peggy Hannaman-Jones, founder of the Branded J Collection, “claiming they are shaving the animals and using shed hair from animals are deceiving themselves and others. It is simply not true! All hair is bought through fur farmers all over the world.”

Trying to nail down exactly where different cosmetic companies get their animal hair, however—and how those animals are treated—is difficult, if not impossible.

I have posted pictures of the make up brushes i’m using, At the moment i’m using Eco tool brushes by Alicia Silverstone .I have bought her lovely make up bags too.I’m also using the 100% Pure brushes. They have a cute little cat drawn on them. Adorable.
.You can find other awesome cruelty brands like Juice beauty, Red Apple lipstick lips and eyes brushes,Lauren Brooke cosmetiques, Real purity…
The other pictures are pictures of natural hair brushes:(((((












Thank you to Brita Aragon for her brilliant article, i inserted parts of a article in my review. You can also read Peta’s article on the subject, it’s called: Cruelty Free make up brushes by Liza Chung.

Please join me to make a difference.You will love those brushes. Don’t forget that it’s the same for your hair brushes, read about it. ask me if you want me to write about it.Let me know what cruelty free brands you are using.The animals need us.



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