What not to buy when you go shopping.

This is the sad and terrible reality, and we are in 2013! But most of the brands are still testing on animals. So what not to but when you go shopping at your local supermarket? Almost everything!
When I go shopping, i know that i’m not going to buy any product there. There are still exceptions.
But not so many.
Sometimes i’m fooled by the green colors on products, i’m grabbing the product and it’s actually Procter and Gamble, Unilever L’Oreal Clorox Johnson and Johnson…
My daughter hates when i’m doing that but when i see someone who is actually buying a product tested on animals, I’m going to this person and i explain that this product is tested and that if she/he are buying it , she is actually encouraging this horror.I have never seen someone putting back the product, they are always buying it:( Once a woman had a L’oreal shampoo and conditioner in her hand and i told her , as usual, she said that her daughter only had wonderful hair with these products.Again sad. But it’s always important to try, it happens that people just don’t know.
You will notice that those products always contain a big list of harmful chemicals.So buying those products is not only cruel but it’s also very dangerous for our health.
So at the supermarket, or at Walmart or Boots….almost all is tested on animals.
The only thing to do is to buy online.This is what i’m doing.
I have just found out that a few brands that i thought were cruelty free are not anymore. They have been bought by big companies or they want to sell in China. China requests tests on animals to be sold on their market, so you find brands”selling their soul” for profit.
You certainly knew about The body Shop. The Body shop doesn’t test on animals but belongs to L’Oreal and l’Oreal still tests on animals.They are doing such horrors, you can’t even look at the animals.
There was a big demonstration when i was still living in Paris and it was already a long time ago: Animal Advocates had created a poster where it was written:” Ce que L’oreal fait aux Animaux va vous faire dresser les cheveux sur la tete.”What L’Oreal is doing to the animals is going to make your hair stand on end.It’s an expression in French meaning it’s going to scare you , to make you cringe.
I couldn’t be more disgusted after seeing that Urban Decay Belongs now to L’Oreal. same as the Body Shop, they claim not to test on animals but L’Oreal does.Shame on Urban Decay. They want to be able to sell on The Chinese market. They want profits.
Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox and Clorox tests on animals.
Studies have been finding lead in 61 percent of cosmetics, including Burt’s bees tinted chapsticks.
Tom’s of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive.This major American Corporation is testing on animals.
It’s not only make up, shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant,body lotions…it can be candles(Glades..),cleaning products, razors,shaving gel,aftershave. perfumes…….everything really.

I will keep on posting reviews on Cruelty free safe cosmetics.So please keep on checking my blog and share it with your friends.
I will try to make lists of the brands owned by big corporations.I will also post a list of the products which are not on the cruelty free list anymore because the brnds are now selling in China.
When you look at a product , always look at the back to whom it belongs, you will see P&G.JOHNSON AND JOHNSON. L’OREAL UNILVER… please stay away from these brands. Do it for the animals and for you.











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