CAbi Fall 2013.

First you receive an invitation:I received an invitation from my friend Annette to assist to a CAbi show.I was so tired that day, but i’m trying to never refuse an invitation because i love to meet new people.
I was welcomed by Karin at the door and she was so adorable straight away.
Karin was actually showing the clothes.
I was so impressed her professionalism and her passion.She knew exactly how to match every item with one another in a perfect way.I found Karin really inspiring. I love to meet people who are inspiring me. She loves what she is doing and you can feel it. She also wears the CAbi clothes perfectly. She was funny and really relax and it was really a brilliant presentation.I don’t know how is a show presented by someone else, but by done by Karin , i just loved it.
It was so fun to see all Annette friends and Annette herself modeling to show how the items look when they are worn.
The best part is when you are modeling yourself because Karin is right, when you are trying the clothes on you, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful fabric and the amazing cut.
The clothes are totally slimming and look wonderful on.
I could have bought so many outfits. The prices are a bit high but you can tell that the clothes are gorgeous.
i had to make a choice , luckily it was my birthday a few days ago, so my choice became my birthday gift from my parents.
the whole experience is really can look, touch everything, try on everything , this is so fun. I just loved it.
I really loved the evening, we had a wonderful’s maybe my personality but i love to be with a group of people.of friends.
I really want to buy a few more outfits a bit later if i can.
If you are invited to a CAbi evening, you really should go.Don’t hesitate and try the clothes on, this is the best way. It’s really important to see how you look in the clothes and to feel the great fabrics. It’s a lot of fun.You are having a wonderful and relaxing time , eating and drinking while you are looking at the clothes and meeting new persons. This is awesome.
My sweet friend Annette is vegan so it was great for me.
I can’t wait to go to another one. Or why not to hostess one day. At the moment, i don’t think that i know enough people. We have moved from Europe less than one year ago.But i would love that .
You get great benefits being an hostess. and it’s so nice.
Do you want me to tell you what i have preferred in the fall collection?
Of course it’s my taste.I really think that the clothes are flattering. Really enhancing your features.
They fit really well and you feel confident and pretty in them.
I will post photos in my outfit soon.
Thank you Annette for inviting me to this lovely party.
Feel free to ask me any question you could have.
You can watch the videos.








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