RileysStar Jewelry

RileysStar :”Jewelry that speaks, because they cannot.”

RileyStar’s one of a kind jewelry is designed beautifully in such a way that we feel the warmth and compassion towards animals.
I am in love with my pendants and I am so proud to wear them. The idea of giving out a message to people through jewelry is so powerful yet fun. I strongly recommend people to look at her jewelry, there is a fun, adorable and gorgeous piece of jewelry for everybody!
I love my pendants, they are absolutely gorgeous.
There are so many different pendants with different messages. There is for sure at least one for you.
I will post pictures of me wearing my RileysStar Jewelry.

I advise you all to go on Kendra Harry’s profile ( Kendra is the owner of RileysStar) and read her “about” section. She sends an important message.

You can find this amazing jewelry on Etsy:












One comment

  1. Oh my gosh, they are soo cute!! I love the “Wanna know who your real friend is?” one!! So funny! I love the 4th one too!


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