Mountain Majik Shop.

My friend Daphne has this lovely shop on Etsy. It’s called Mountain Majik:

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful items she is making especially if you love Wild animals. I will order from her for sure in winter, it’s still really hot here in Arizona.
I love love the wolf fleece vest and the horse fleece vest. It’s so unusual and you know my love for all animals and especially wolves who have such a unfair and untrue reputation.
The eye of the jaguar denim jacket is so gorgeous, I can totally imagine myself wearing it.
Here is the wolf jacket: it’s so pretty. I would wear it with my jeans and cute boots (non leather of course):



Eye of the jaguar denim jacket:





Isn’t it gorgeous? I would wear it with black pants and a cool teeshirt or jumper (not wool of course.)

The horse fleece:




There are other adorable items for kids, have a look.
I love what is unusual,original, that you can’t see on everyone.
Beautiful items Daphne. You are so talented.



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