Extinction is forever. Helping our Wolves now.

There is no time to waste. Don’t think that it’s someone else’s mission.It’s not. It’s mine. It’s yours. It’s everyone’s.
You don’t want your children, grand children to see wolves in museums.
Those animals are magnificent.
Wolves need our help.They need all of us to fight for them,to protect them, before it’s too late. If you have a sense of justice, you will do it.
I would start first by trying to know them better if you don’t already.

I would go to Wolf sanctuaries and interact with wolves. Take your children with you if you have children.
Read books and buy books to your children as well.If you are reading fairy tales to them, explain that there is not such thing as the big bad wolf. Those stories really harmed our Wolves picturing them as bloody monsters.

I’m trying to fight and protect all animals, leaving none behind. But wolves have a special place in my heart because of the untrue,
unfair reputation they have.
They are killed in the most horrific ways, you can’t even imagine .Have a look at this article, it should really upset you and make you want to do something about it.http://www.examiner.com/article/wolf-killers-admit-it-s-all-about-the-sadistic-sexual-thrill

(I watched a video of aerial gunning and spent the whole day crying. I decided to chanel my anger and sadness into action).

Mark Ball
~Without Wolves: Why We Would All be Impoverished by the Loss ~
We’ve made a short film about why wolves are so important to the landscape, and to all of us. The Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to remove the grey wolf from the list of endangered species has us howlin’ mad. Please take a few moments to watch the film, share with your friends and family and take action to help save wolves from extinction.

Without the protections of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) wolves will be back in the crosshairs, subject to hunter’s traps, guns, and bows and to Wildlife Services’ poisons. Just last Saturday a two-year old female Yellowstone wolf wandered out of the safety of the Park and was shot and killed. This tragedy will happen over and over again across the West if Secretary Jewell removes critical protections for wolves.

As our film explains, wolves are critical ecological forces on the landscape, but they have only returned to 5% of their historic range. The job of wolf recovery is simply not done. Take action today to ensure these beautiful iconic animals are returned to ecosystems across our country where they are needed and where they belong.

Please visit http://www.WildEarthGuardians.org/Stand4Wolves.

There is a so much you can do.



You can buy this teeshirt and this bracelet to show your support.










Just do something before it’s too late.







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