Meet Daniel. Part 1 .

It’s an honor for me to write about Daniel.

Let me introduce you to Daniel:

20131031-144215.jpg Daniel was found as a stray in Alabama .On Oct. 3, 2011 he was put into a gas chamber in Florence, Alabama along with 17 other stray dogs. Carbon monoxide was pumped into the chamber.
When the animal control officer in charge of the operation returned to the locked chamber he found Daniel waiting at the door, wagging its the shock of everyone he somehow survived. The other dogs were dead.
You really need to watch this video with tissues:

Here is a picture of Daniel just after he was out of the gas chamber:

He found a temporary home in Tennessee with Karen Rudolph, who runs Schnauzer Savers Rescue of West Tennessee with her husband Michael.
Karen Rudolph called him Daniel, inspired by the biblical story of Daniel, who walked out of a lion’s den unscathed.When Karen took Daniel Milagro to see her veterinarian, he received a clean bill of health.
“Amazingly, not only did he survive the gas chamber which is very rare … he was not sick,” Karen Rudolph said. “It was almost as though angels pulled him out of there and he didn’t even breathe the gas.”

Please open this link:

On November 10, 2011 he arrived at his forever home with Joe and Geralynn Dwyers and their children Jenna and Joe who have always loved dogs .They are beautiful human beings and this is the best that could have happened to Daniel. If you want to learn more about Daniel please open this link:
Daniel is so handsome and photogenic, and I love him so much, I could spend the night posting pictures of him.



















One comment

  1. I just love hearing good things about Daniel. I remember the story when his survival was first made public. Gas Chambers should be banned all over the country, the world actually. How horrible for the others who did not survive. But Hurray for Daniel, the strong, willful little dog that actually walked away from his own execution! We love you Daniel and wish you the best life any dog ever had, you deserve it! You have earned it. Yes Indeed, Happy Life Daniel, you beautiful boy!


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