Meet Daniel Part 2

“Through canine wisdom, we can all be guided to a more peaceful and fulfilling life at Noble Strength Spirituality”

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It’s captivating and so interesting. Listen to Joe explaining about this extraordinary journey. I have joined Joe, Daniel, and Shelby myself. The best thing I have ever done:

“For many in our world, the hunger for spiritual nourishment seems to increase with each passing day. What if we could learn to approach feeding our spiritual needs with the same gusto with which dogs devour their dinner? Well, we CAN!
I — and my canine co-authors — would like to help satisfy that inner craving for spiritual sustenance, by offering you a FREE gift — 4 FREE lessons (one per day) from our Noble Strength Spirituality Series!
Masterful lessons I’ve learned, from the canines who share my life, coupled with the challenges presented by our everyday experiences, create the foundation of each inspirational lesson. The result? The gift of a richer, more peaceful way of life.
Each lesson includes an audio recording of spiritual nourishment, accompanied by a written transcription. In addition to satisfying even the deepest spiritual thirst, these inspiring and life-changing lessons will help you to:
Create a more consistently peaceful life
Confidently meet and conquer everyday challenges
Successfully navigate through life’s choppy waters
Achieve new levels of constant and expanded motivation
Become inspired to do more than you ever thought possible!
Won’t you join us on this extraordinary journey that will help to satisfy the spiritual hunger pangs we all experience? We invite you to experience an unparalleled sense of peace and fulfillment through the lessons of our Noble Strength Spirituality Series. Only when our spiritual needs are met, can we begin to give to others. Your heart will be illumined by a soul well-fed. We’ve set a place for you at the table. Join us, won’t you?
Spiritual Lessons — inspired by every canine — for each and every person”

Shelby is Daniel’s sister,a Pit Bull Therapy dog with a very moving story.You can learn more by clicking on this link.
Joe is the creator of “The Dog’s View” Presentation Series – a series of motivational stories that was born from the deep connection Joe shares with his canine companions and includes various lessons and wisdom from a dog’s point of view.

In recent months, Joe and his Pit Bull therapy dog, Shelby, started appearing together in schools to share their experiences and story with students and faculty, to bring more awareness to the fight against bullying and to advocate for the Pit Bull breed. So far they have been very successful.

There is so much to say about Daniel. If you want to know more about this amazing boy and about his story.His mission now is to ban gas chambers and raise awareness.You can stand by Daniel and be a part of this mission.
link :
You can purchase the books there too.



You can be a part of it too.If you have questions, please don’t hesitate asking me.You can also contact Joe if you want to know more on how to be involved.









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