Parabens: why you should avoid them!

non au parabenparabens2

Parabens can be found in lots of products, especially cosmetics. They are mainly used in the cosmetics industry as antimicrobial preservatives but you can find them in foods beverages and pharmaceutical drugs too. Because of their low cost they are widely used.

Parabens are lipophilic (they can easily be absorbed through the skin and stored in fat tissues) and this is the problem.

Many studies have found Parabens intact in breast cancer tissue. They have an estrogenic effect (same effect than natural estrogen produced by women ovaries). This let scientist thinks that Parabens could initiate and promote breast cancer. The reason is that scientists and doctors have noticed an increased number of Breast cancers in the area of the breast close to the armpit (where you apply your Parabens containing deodorant, antiperspirant). Other studies suggest that Parabens interfere with the natural metabolism of natural estrogen in our body, and this could be the reason why they are found in breast cancer tissue.

Parabens are also known to interfere with our mitochondrial functions (a very important component of our cell that produces the energy our body needs to function). It is thought that Parabens could play a role in male infertility.

However the exact effect of Parabens is still currently unknown but many cosmetics brands have decided to remove Parabens from their products. This could let me think that they have some real concerns or maybe they have some data that have not been shared yet.

So it is our interest to be Very cautious with Parabens containing products.



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