Mellow World handbags

Today’s review is on this gorgeous little bag that I just love , it’s called KOALA.


This is the link where you can find this gorgeous collection:

I find really practical to carry a little cross body bag and my handbag. If I put my phone in my bag, I never hear it ring so I carry a little bag and this size is absolutely perfect to carry my phone, a lipstick , tissues and my keys.
I’m always looking for beautiful , eye catching vegan bags and I always get compliments. I carry everything with me. My daughter is teasing me. But it’s the way I am, so I carry a big bag full of stuff and a little bag.
This little Koala bag has the perfect size and such a lovely name.It comes with a little pouch.I love this little bag.
It looks like leather but it’s not leather. It’s not important to me if it looks like leather or not. I’m not looking for items that look like leather. I just want my accessories not to be in leather.
If you are a minimalist, it has the perfect size to carry what you need :

Add a fun look to your wardrobe with the Mellow World Koala.

This cute crossbody handbag features a fully lined interior with an inside zippered pocket as well as two slip pockets for your cellphone and other small items.

For versatile carrying options, you can wear the handbag as a short shoulder bag or a long crossbody bag.



Mellow World handbags – Other Popular Styles
After getting this bag , I had to learn more about the other styles and colors available.

“Sometimes being the best dressed girl in school or at work requires more than just wearing the latest clothes. In fact, we at Mellow World believe that accessories play an accompanying role and what better way to show up to school or work than with the latest handbag from our NEW collection!”

This stunning bag has caught my eyes:

You can find an amazing variety of colors and styles.
This one is so cute:


Mellow World carries a wide variety of unique fabric, silk handbags and shoes. Products are handmade, including some fabric products made from the finest quality natural and synthetic fabrics from around the world. As a Los Angeles area designer and manufacturer of handmade products, Mellow World brings unique designs and sophisticated colors from the finest materials. All of the products are handmade, from shoes to handbags, to shoe clips, neckwear, and beaded waist bands, Mellow World represents excellence in handmade products! Fresh and trendy color, high luminosity, diverse textures, and intricate woven designs make the collection both unique and exclusive. Making your World Mellow with the handmade products!

I was not financially compensated for this post.I received samples of the products for review purposes.All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.













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