I have just discovered Karma Organic and I’m so happy I did!

Karma Organic:
I have been looking for safe nail products for a very long time and this brand is exactly what I was looking for. First off, I love the name Karma organic! My daughter and I are loving the color green right now and we found the perfect color on the website, the color that we tried is “Central Park West” it is a lush dark forresty green, the shade is absolutely perfect for winter. We also received the “2 in 1 top coat base”, “Cobblestone matte” and their nail polish remover.

The nail polishes are amazing! Their consistency is perfect, they are not too runny or too bulky which makes the application very easy. My daughter and I tend to have shaky hands which makes it hard to put nail polish on however the polish’s consistency made it a lot easier for us. The nail polishes contain no toluene, no formaldehyde and no DBP; this information is written on all of the products. I feel reassured using these products as the brand obviously researches into their products and cares about their users. The colors of the polishes are vibrant and look great, I felt as if I had paid for an expensive manicure done by an expert because my nails look so good. I truly love these polishes.

The nail polish remover is just as fantastic. It is soybean oil based, non toxic, non carcinogenic and packed in biodegradable and recycled materials, it is also derived from American Farm crops (this is all written on the bottle). The scent of normal nail polish removers is probably one of the worst scents that we encounter in our daily lives, however this one smells like lavender. It has an oily consistency which is good to keep your nails and the area around your nails moisturized. The oil also makes removing nail polish a quick process with no intensive scrubbing. I strongly recommend trying it.
There is free shipping at the moment on all orders.
You will find other awesome products on the website : skin care. Organic essential oils (Karma Organic Essential Oils are made with 100% Pure Organic Oils) ….

We will definitely be ordering and trying more products because we are truly so satisfied with this brand. Everything about their products is great, they are safe, they look great and they are easy to work with.

If you live in the NJ area you should pay their spa a visit, it is affordable and looks like a lot of fun. It is also 100% safe!

I was not financially compensated for this post.I received samples of the products for review purposes.All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.
for information on where to find our products around the world.













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