Coming soon: THERA WISE.

Since 2001, Théra Wise® maintains a commitment to providing the most efficacious bio-active All-Natural Therapeutic Ointments available on the market today. The Théra Wise® commitment to quality provides assurance that these popular products will continue to be industry leaders, always meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of the informed purchaser.
Company Overview
The team at Théra Wise® is a group of environmentally conscious health professionals committed to creating safe and effective plant based over the counter ointments for improved personal health and wellness. We have pioneered a new direction for OTC therapeutic ointments, combining modern science with time tested “body friendly” natural bio-active plant ingredients, low impact manufacturing processes, and environmental sensitivity.


When you choose Théra Wise products, you’ll feel great (and smart) knowing you’ve made the decision to opt for a clean, fast-acting and bio-active remedy. Our natural, plant-based ointments offer soothing relief and peace of mind knowing you can trust our award-winning over-the-counter (OTC) topical products for diaper rash, skin healing, hemorrhoids, acne and cold/flu.

Make sure your family’s medicine cabinet is not only stocked with natural, biodegradable Théra Wise remedies, but free from those nasty petrochemical-based products that can actually damage your skin.

Manufacturing our natural ingredients-based medicines creates unique challenges, especially when sourcing the high-quality raw materials required for each production (year round).

We formulate each Théra Wise treatment to not only quickly address a health condition with healing plant ingredients, but also for its “Balancing” philosophy. Our carefully-selected ingredients and soothing extracts create a healing synergy for your tired, damaged skin. Experience the LOVE from plants to you and your skin.

Every Théra Wise product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free; all our packaging is BPA- and phthalate-free. We’re also proud to say we never use ingredients from insect and/or animal sources, and there’s been absolutely no animal testing on either our raw materials or finished products.










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