RICOCHET the SURFice dog

It truly is an honor for me to introduce you to Ricochet.

Ricochet is the world’s most famous surf dog.
Check out this video! It is so inspiring and so beautiful:

This video is very emotional and I recommend that you watch it:

All the links are at the end so please have a look. You will find wonderful Christmas gift ideas and you will help important causes at the same time. Please don’t forget to like Ricochet’s Fb page.

Ricochet is a top, international surf and therapy dog, who helps people all over the world. This amazing dog has raised over $300,000 for human/animal causes, and is ready to raise more! “Because of my unique, and highly skilled background of service/therapy/surf dog training, Ricochet is the only known dog in the world who surfs with special needs kids, and people with disabilities as an assistive aid and SURFice dog™.”
This multi skilled dog has won several top dog awards, including the AKC Award for Canine Excellence, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award, and Dog of the Year from the ASPCA.
How fantastic is that? Ricochet surfs for fun too, and typically places in the top three during contests.

Ricochet has been featured in hundreds of media sources all over the world showcasing and raising awareness of my causes, and my surfing, such as the Associated Press, Associated Content, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Evening News with Diane Sawyer, The Today Show, USA Today, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, Animal Planet, and many more.

Even though her name sounds like a boy… Ricochet is a GIRL!! (A golden retriever).

Ricochet is a multi faceted SURFice dog™ that has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for charitable causes. She also inspires millions of people with herSURFice dog™ video, which went viral and has over 4 million views!

Ricochet has inspired me. When I’m feeling down after seeing so much animal abuse every day and fighting the best I can against it,
I watch Ricochet’s video to put a smile on my face.
My son Jesse who is 11 loves Ricochet. He said to me :” mom , have you thought of writing a post on Ricochet?:
And I have said to him: Of course and I will be honored to do it.










This link is if you are planning to buy Ricochet or Rina:


This is the shop where you can find fantastic items. I bought the teeshirts and the bracelets when I was still living in England.

Ricochet’s website:
Ricochet’s Fb page:
“I was born on January 25, 2008, and was the 9th puppy in a litter of 10. I was born, and raised as part of the Puppy Prodigies Neo-Natal & Early Learning Program with hopes of becoming a service dog for a person with a disability. But, they tell me I’m a little too interested in chasing birds, and other small animals. So, my career path changed, and instead of becoming a service dog, I became a SURFice dog™! Now, I have a personal initiative called “Surfin’ for Paws-abilities” which raises awareness, and funds for human/animal causes. Puppy Prodigies carved out this new job for me, and I’m so happy I was able to stay involved in the program.

From the moment I was born, I wanted to surf. For fun, in contests, and most of all with special needs kids & people with disabilities. But, it took 15 months to get someone to listen!

I defied the odds!! I escaped the fate many innocent animals have to endure. My life could have ended up very differently… maybe even tragically… if my human mom didn’t allow me to be who I truly am. I could have been like millions of animals reliquished to animal shelters every year because they didn’t live up to their owners expectations. If I can influence one child, change one mind, save one life… or inspire millions, I will have accomplished what I’m on this earth to do.”

If you want to be a part of this beautiful adventure, just go on the links I have posted and if you want to be updated on Ricochet’s amazing actions , like Ricochet’s FB page. I did it a long time ago.Ricochet is my inspiration.
My dream is to meet Ricochet in San Diego and all his adorable family. This is also my son Jesse’s dream.
Now that we have moved to Arizona, this dream could happen anytime.
My other dream is to meet Daniel.
Joe ( Daniel’s dad ) has met Ricochet.
We are all connected when we love animals.






Here are the pictures of the lovely “Surf Dog Ricochet’s surf bracelet”
The link to order it:

I totally feel in love with “Surf Dog Ricochet’s surf bracelet”. It’s adorable and for every hand-knotted surf bracelet sold, SarahDipiti will donate $5.00 to the Helen Woodward Animal Center to help save animal lives. I have ordered mine, and I will post photos when I receive it. I can’t wait.
Scroll down to see the pictures of this gorgeous bracelet.
This beautiful hand-made hand-knotted hemp themed surf bracelet (see below) truly captures the spirit of Ricochet with it’s pink and gold glass beads, sterling silver surfboard and paw charm and cute puppy dog button closure.
Here is the link to order it:
For more information about Helen Woodward their link is



You can get these adorable Paw it forward wristbands and other adorable items :

By following this link:



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