Update on my blog contest for Pendants For Paws. RileysStar pendants.

Marianne and London have received the gorgeous pendant that they have won when I did my first giveaway.
Rileystar pendants are so beautiful. I have a collection myself and I love them. You can find them on:
I just want to tell you about the beautiful review that Marianne has written on her fantastic blog: Morning Dew:

Morning Dew:

Here are the pictures:

The price:

This is what Marianne has written:
“Isn’t it pretty? And I love the message….Unconditional Love. That is what animals give to us, without question.”



This is London who is going to wear the pendant at school. I love when my friends find all ways to speak about compassion everywhere and especially at school.Compassion and respect should be taught at school. This is so important.
This pendant will look so beautiful on you London. You are an amazing young lady.What you are doing for our animals , your mom and you is fantastic.
It’s so wonderful to see the next generation standing and speaking up for the animals. Way to go London!



I’m so so happy when I get feedback. Thank you Marianne.I enjoyed so much reading your post and seeing the gorgeous pictures.



  1. Thank you Val!! I appreciate your review of my post! I think you are wonderful for all YOU do for our animals!!! Yesterday London wore the pendant to school and talked to her class about the Vigil for Puppy Doe, that we attended Saturday evening!! She worn the pendant, 5 animal rights pins and took in literature about becoming vegan! I have to tell you, she is such a little rebel!! I absolutely love that about her!!
    P.S. She wore the pendant again today, too!!
    Thanks again Val…we love you!!!


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