Beauty Without Cruelty


I’m so excited to tell you about this awesome brand. I’m honored to own Beauty Without Cruelty products. Let me tell you why.

Beauty Without Cruelty started the Cruelty -Free cosmetics Movement. BWC is a pioneer.
Back in 1959, Lady Dowding became concerned about the use of live animals for testing of cosmetics. She decided to do something about it. What a wonderful person!
This is what she had to say: “Of all the terrible cruelties perpetrated on animals by man, perhaps the most calculated and obscene is that known as vivisection—experiments on living animals. By its very nature it is cruel. Pain, suffering and distress are inseparable from this method of research.” — Lady Dowding

Her action started the “cruelty free cosmetics” movement and changed the way we think about cosmetics testing today, close to 50 years later. She started a non-profit trust to take up the issue, and subsequently, in 1963 she teamed up with Kathleen Long, a cosmetician and animal rights advocate, to start the Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics brand. The brand was meant to provide a viable alternative to the use of cosmetics tested on animals. That brand continues to lead the way today both in the UK and, since 1989, in the United States.

Beauty Without Cruelty has expanded to include a complete range of hair, facial care and body care products in addition to the extensive range of color cosmetics that the original company started with. Today the Beauty Without Cruelty brand in the USA is under the stewardship of Lotus Brands, a majority woman-owned, family business, and it remains focused on and dedicated to continuing to stand for cruelty free, effective and value-oriented natural personal care and cosmetics products.

Beauty Without Cruelty Provides value-oriented Products:
The brand focuses on providing outstanding products that are priced to provide you with “budget-conscious” pricing.
BWC has always tried to be a leader in formulation. All of the hair, skin and facial care products are both SLS-free and Paraben-free. The product line has always been Vegetarian in its ingredient selection. The brand is also now entirely Vegan.

Formulation Principles:
• Cruelty Free – No Animal Testing
• Vegetarian — Vegan Formulations
• Complete Ingredients Disclosures
• CCIC / Leaping Bunny and Vegan Certifications
• SLS/SLES-Free and Paraben-Free Formulations
• Extensive Selection of Gluten-Free products
• No synthetic or engineered fragrances
• Pure Premium OshadhiTM Essential Oils For Fragrancing

The packaging is absolutely adorable.

Mineral Duo Pressed Eyeshadow
I have it in Moonlight.
Eyeshadow in moonlight.

The eyeshadow is great, it has a nice consistency and is not too powdery so it does not fall under your eyes which is good as many eyeshadows do that and it can be very frustrating to fix. The white looks very pretty on its own but my daughter mixed it with the black eyeshadow to create a nice grey color. The possibilities are endless with the two colors. You can also use it on top of your eyeliner to create more definition. You can use the light color under your eyebrows and on the corners of your eyes if you want to.
with this particular color, you can create long lasting and intense smoky eyes.
My daughter used it in a subtle way and it looked amazing.
I love this eyeshadow .I haven’t tried the other colors yet but I’m sure that the colors are amazing too.


Mineral Pressed Blushers
Mineral Eyeshadow : Caramel Fudge


The blusher is great, it has a nice peachy color and looks great on the skin. The two colors can be mixed or used   separately, when they are used together the blusher gives you a bronzed and tan look and a really nice glow.The application is easy due to its compact form. You can use both colors separately if you prefer.
My daughter and I have olive skin so this color is perfect for us but the other colors are so beautiful too. It was really difficult to choose.
The packaging is lovely with its little mirror integrated. The little swans form little hearts. It’s so pretty.


Ultrafine Loose Powder
I have it in Light.
Loose powder


The powder is truly amazing. It is light and smooth on the skin, it does not appear bulky and does not leave the face looking powdery. My daughter says that it covered up all her imperfections and made her skin an even and natural color without making it look like she was wearing makeup. It is easy to use, my daughter simply tapped the powder into the lip then used a brush and the fluffy pad included in the box to apply the powder evenly on her face.
Again with all loose powders , be careful not to breath in them.Read Stephanie Greenwood’s article.
I love this powder but I prefer all make up in form of compact.
The old formula could contain parabens, it has been reformulated. Be careful when you purchase it.

I truly love this cosmetic line. Even more knowing the history of the brand. You will find the whole fantastic collection on the website.I would love to try everything. I love this make up brand. I could tell you about is for hours. let me know if you have any question.

Where to purchase :
On this website international customers can purchase Beauty Without Cruelty and thousands of other products:

Please watch this video:

I was not financially compensated for this post.I received samples of the products for review purposes.All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own


From Beauty Without Cruelty website:
FOR MORE INFORMATION: We maintain an extensive and detailed informational website :
On our website you can find out more about our individual prod- ucts, view images, read the label copy, and see our complete ingredients disclosures, as well as learn more about our mission to bring awareness about the cruelty perpetrated on animals in the name of “beauty” which we are committed to helping bring to an end. We are also happy to reply to your inquiries by email or by phone during normal business hours.





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