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Have you ever thought about the wolf? Come along with Jimmy Wilson® and explore the world of the wolf! You and Jimmy will tour the world renowned International Wolf Center, Minnesota Zoo, and Wolfwood Ranch Educational Center! Top international wolf expert Dave Mech, acclaimed photographer and author Jim Brandenburg, and International Wolf Center co-founder Nancy Gibson will all share their insights and personal experiences! This is a film that educates all of us about this vastly misunderstood animal. “It’s time we bury the centuries old misconceptions and find out what this magnificent creature is all about.”

This DVD is wonderful. I love it. Everyone should buy it. The images are breathtaking .I love it .



Meet Jimmy Wilson® award winning Minneapolis filmmaker and floatplane pilot, as he brings your children on a series of nine adventures, including two at the Mpls St. Paul International Airport! Come along with Jimmy and explore animals in their natural surroundings. A passionate filmmaker, Jimmy is committed to encouraging children to become interested in nature and for providing entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.



Jimmy takes you exploring with nine DVDs and four hours of up-close, unrehearsed, uncontrived footage of animals in their natural surroundings! Have you ever thought about the Wolf, the Polar Bear, the Lion, or the Moose? Jimmy explores their world, with commentary from over 30 experts including some of the world’s most renowned in their field! All Jimmy Wilson® DVDs are non-violent and family friendly.

Jimmy Wilson Films® is proud to announce the Parents Television Council has awarded all of Jimmy’s films with its coveted Gold Seal of Approval! Jimmy would like to thank the Parents Television Council and all the great customers who have inspired him to create good quality family entertainment.




Education is so important.

The dramatic and diverse reactions that humans express in the presence of a live wolf is one combined of fear, intrigue, ignorance and arrogance. The wolf is one of the most controversial species throughout human history – In an instant the mind flashes form the fear of Grandmother and livestock eating beasts to admiration as the creator of our best friend the dog and the symbol for wildness. The connection a person has to nature is realized when a wolf takes time to greet them – eye-to-eye. (Mission wolf:
Many of us grew up listening to fairy tales, reading stories, and watching movies that teach us to be afraid of wolves… that wolves are dangerous and vicious, and they eat people: The myth of the Big Bad Wolf.
I was speaking with a dentist in England. he told me how he was scared of wolves: he told me that they could jump on you and eat you, hmmmmm!!!! I just hope that he was more educated about dentistry than he was about wolves.
Yes the wolf could have jumped on him and removed all his teeth to make a necklace that he would have worn proudly That’s what I told him , I was making fun of him of course. But this is sad because this is what most people think. If you know about wolves , educate people around you.,speak to your children about wolves, watch this DVD all together, with your friends…
This is the reason why I highly recommend Jimmy’s DVD.

Jimmy is a film producer and photographer at Jimmy Wilson’s films and photographs:



All photographic images © copyright Jimmy Wilson Photographs 2013. All rights reserved.







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