I’m so excited to have discovered Truth. And I’m so excited to tell you about it. I truly adore this brand.
I absolutely love my belts, it is such a joy to wear them. They are pure perfection and they are cruelty free. The products are mixed so both men and women can wear them, there is even a children’s section! Truth provides you with fantastic products that range from casual to formal and dressed up, so whatever you are looking for, they will have it!
You should go on the website:
I can’t get enough of the belts and I love how they can transform an outfit! Just like this…


Truth is a 100% Canadian company started by Renia Pruchnicki
The guiding philosophy is to create durable, ethical, high-quality vegan fashion while having fun and to make a difference in the world.
Renia graduated from Ryerson’s Fashion Design program and worked in the fashion industry designing consumer items. One day, though, after seven years, she was laid off and found herself on the unemployment line. The year was 2001 and it was this experience that gave birth to Truth.
The Early Years
Using her savings, determination, and experience, Renia created her own company and started making belts from the solarium of her downtown apartment.
Having never worked with leather she took her knowledge of technical materials and started making belts that just happened to be vegan.
And people took notice! Other vegan belts on the market tended to fall apart within months while Truth vegan belts lasted for years. It was the combination of longevity & unique fashion that made Truth successful.

The Seva.
I’m the Seva elastic belt, and I’m the belt that fits anyone, anywhere! That’s because I’m an elastic belt! I’ve got a slider too, so I can stretch and shrink to any size! So that means whether you’re doing a weight loss program or at your favourite all-you-can-eat buffet, I’m the perfect belt for you! And my nickel-free belt buckle is smooth and flat, so you’ll never have any unsightly belt buckle bulges under your shirt!



The Gemini.
Well hello there! I’m The Gemini reversible leather look belt. Now, I know a lot of these other vegan belts say they’re versatile, but trust me, I’m the most versatile, most vegan belt there is! I’m the Gemini, and I’m called that because I’m two belts in one! Does your outfit call for a nice black non leather belt? No problem, I’m a black non leather belt! Or maybe you’re looking for a brown belt. Easy! I’m brown on the other side!


The I AM.
I am the I AM leather look belt, therefore I am! Confused? Don’t’ be! I’m a pretty laid back belt; I just like to hang out and have some fun. I’ve got that leather look, but don’t worry, I’m no vegan poser. I’m 100% vegan! I come with a super cool plaque detachable buckle that’s been embossed with the Truth logo. It’s a pretty subtle logo, only visible when the light strikes me at just the right angle. But if you already have a buckle, that’s cool too. You can get me with or without the buckle, so you can rock whatever style you like!


Truth also makes wrists cuffs: The Booboo wrist cuff.
I’m the Booboo wrist cuffs, but I’m no mistake! I’m a stylish 100% vegan wrist cuff! Are you looking for a laid back, distressed rock and roll style? How about a fun, earthy woven look? With an amazing range of colours and patterns to choose from, I can fit with just about any outfit you have! And of course, I go great with a 100% vegan belt!


I was not financially compensated for this post.I received samples of the products for review purposes.All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.



  1. Très bien penser ces ceintures sont superbe, bien réaliser à base 100% non animaux, ils vous diront merci de les avoirs épargner.
    Excellent article, bien détailler, belle présentation du produit avec le sourire.


  2. Hi Valerie! Thank you so much for writing this blog! My goal is to get onto the Ellen Degeneries Show sometime in 2014. She is a vegan and I think she will like my Truth Belts! I have started a multi-step campaign to get onto her show.


    1. Hi Renia! Oh I’m so happy!!!! It’s impossible not to love your Truth belts, they are absolutely gorgeous! I love mine so much. I’m wearing them all the time.This is such a fantastic idea! Ellen will adore them! I’m sure of that. Please keep me updated.This is a brillant thing to do! I support you and If you need anything please let me know.


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