Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

I have just discovered this amazing brand. I was looking for a perfume for a very long time.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, also known as BPAL, is an online company selling perfume oils. BPAL is owned by Elizabeth Moriarty Barrial and Brian Constantine, and is based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

It’s really hard to find cruelty free perfumes so imagine how happy I was when I received , what is now, my new perfume.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is against animal testing and tests its own products only on willing humans. Their perfume oils are blended by hand, using natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes with some synthetics. With the exception of those containing honey and beeswax, the oils are vegan-friendly.

My new perfume is now: MOUSE CIRCUS


I just love this scent so much.Mouse Circus is exactly my scent. Its beautiful, so evocative.
A toodle oodle of pink cotton candy noses, vanilla spun sugar fur, scattered kernels of popcorn, and a touch of polished golden wood.
I love original and special scents, really unusual. This one , on my opinion is truly a magical perfume.
It seems that it smells more popcorn on me, but after a moment it is really pink cotton candy that you notice.
it’s sweet but not too sweet.It’s really special. so original. I love it!

I have also ordered: FIG & WHITE SANDALWOOD Hair Gloss

This gloss smells so good. I keep on smelling my hair. It makes my hair so soft and shiny.
Product Description
Black Phoenix’s Hair Gloss is paraben and sulfate free, and contains no petro-chemicals, no GMOs, and no triclosan.
Our hair gloss has a six-month shelf life.
Handmade by Black Phoenix. As always, no animals were harmed during the creation of this product, and all products were tested on friends and family.

I find the combination of both the hair gloss and the perfume oil perfect. I love both so much.

They do have some fragrances that are masculine:

The Bow & Crown of Conquest
Fenris Wolf
Loup Garou
Mad Hatter
Titus Andronicus
Vicomte de Valmont

All of the above are available in both 5ml bottles and the smaller imp sizes.

Compassionate Consumerism

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab practices compassionate consumerism, with a goal to give back to the community as possible through charitable contributions, volunteer work, and by supporting fair trade and self-sustaining growers whenever possible. They have participated in fundraisers for many organizations, including the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Hero Initiative, the Orangutan Foundation UK, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Covenant House, the Red Cross, UNICEF, the SPCA, and the Humane Society.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab currently produces and sells perfume oils in two sizes.
BPAL also has “lunacy” releases, which coincide with the full moon. These releases are different each month, following themes established by various mythological and lunar calendars. Additionally, while BPAL does most of their sales online, they host a Will Call event each month that allows people to purchase oils, meet up to test and sniff much of the catalog and interact with the staff and owners. Additionally, they often make additional scents available for giveaway as part of food drives or other charitable events.
BPAL has two additional sites to focus more specifically on certain customer needs: Twilight Alchemy Lab offers oils for spiritual purposes, and Black Phoenix Trading Post, sells officially licensed BPAL-related garments, jewelry, statues, soaps and other bath and beauty products, as well as occasionally offering limited edition and special release oils.

Customers cite the appeal of the seductive product descriptions, the wide variety of scents, and the tendency of certain oils to vary in scent based on the wearer’s unique body chemistry.( Wikipedia)








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