What is a vegan?

A vegan is someone who tries to live without exploiting animals, for the benefit of animals, people and the planet. Vegans eat a plant-based diet, with nothing coming from animals – no meat, milk, eggs or honey, for example. A vegan lifestyle also avoids leather, wool, silk and other animal products for clothing or any other purpose.
Some of the main reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle:
It’s a healthy choice, It’s compassionate, It’s better for the environment…
Collecting informations is so easy. I would recommend for you to read articles and watch as many videos as you can.
My husband is studying Naturopathic Medicine, he is already a MD. He has practiced as Family Physician for many years in Europe (France and England).
As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. As an example , every MD would recommend a type 2 diabetic patients to do 2 things : Lose Weight and Exercise. How do you loose weight ? You start eating right and  you are very likely to improve your diabetes dramaticallyand your health!

All animals matter to me. I try to not leave anyone behind. I fight for all of them everyday.
It has not been always that way. I used to be a big meat eater. I would think at the time that I loved animals. It wasn’t a problem to eat and wear them because everyone around me was doing it. What I really knew was that it was impossible for me to watch a video about how they were killed but no one watched that anyways.
I used to go to a restaurant called: L’Entrecote, it was my favorite restaurant. It was almost impossible to get a table there. There was only one menu: A salad then an entrecôte cut in pieces with a secret special sauce and fries.
At the time we didn’t have internet and all the information that we have access to now.
I had my butcher id go to in the South of France and Paris and I cooked meat for every meal. I once invited someone over who was a vegetarian and I thought that it was such a shame because she wasn’t going to be able to taste the beautiful meal I had made.
I had loads of leather outfits, but never wore fur. However I was boycotting the companies who were testing on animals
So that was the way I was.
I became an animal Advocate after watching the video that I have posted on another post called Fur.
This video had a terrible effect on me and I wanted to take action.
I was still eating meat at that time. Something was not right: I was defending some animals but eating the others. It didn’t make any sense and it was so unfair for the animals that I was eating. Someone posted: From Farm to Fridge and I decided to watch it.

After just a few minutes of watching it, I was in tears and in pieces. There was no way I wanted to be a part of this anymore.
I decided to become vegetarian straight away and I never looked back.
My friend Jay was telling me that he wished he had become Vegan straight away. I remember thinking that it was extreme.
That’s when I decided to ask him millions of questions where I had all the answers! I was doubting every thing Jay was telling me.
It was exactly the contrary of all what everyone was saying. I was asking him stupid questions and he was answering. He was very patient and really nice. As I say now, the less you know, the more you talk. I really didn’t know anything on the subject. So that was me!
But I am very curious and I wanted to know more about all what Jay had told me. A few months ago, I told him how important it has been for me to talk to him and I apologized for speaking without knowing anything. Jay has his special place in my heart.
Information is essential nowadays
I would suggest for you to open your mind, forget about all what you have been told and watch those videos. then decide yourself. Make your own research too. I’m not pushing anyone but I know without any doubt that this change of life was the best decision in my life for so many reasons.
I’m still learning and I love it.
My favorite videos:      Why Vegan? by EVOLVE Campaigns    best Speech you will ever hear by gary Yourovsky  Father Frank Mann’s awakening to compassion for animals     Dr Neal Barnard , MD   Dr. Ellsworth Wareham – 98 years old vegan 




  1. Beautifully said, Valerie. I am on the journey have spent over 60 years being forgive me “an ignorant” meat eater having never thought about it…I am on the journey have a long way to go yet. Admire you so very much and Angels like you are my inspiration along with the horror videos of education. I no longer any 4 legged animal …to some not much…to me huge as all who surround me are. However, still eating birds ….and I know there suffering is no less …So I shall begin by cutting down the amount each week that I do and replace with things that can satisfy. I have leather …but want no more new leather products …no furs for me either …I call myself a work in progress. You are a strong…strong lady Valerie to do what you have done …I know that …Bless all the Vegans they have a special place in Heaven for sure ….Love you my angel friend for sharing your heart ♥


    1. Dear Rose, I’m sure that you will get there. I’m always here for you if you need my help.Look at all you are doing for our animals. You can do it! I know! and you are on the right path already:)
      Someone posted a picture of a little chicken rescued from a factory farm who had given up on life. It was so sad Rose! He didn’t survive:'(
      I was really happy I was not eating meat anymore.
      My convictions became stronger and stronger. In many situations I was the only vegetarian in the room and I was proud.I know, It’s not easy to be the only one , but you know I was not alone, I had the moral support of all my FB family. I went to my son’s school annual barbecue and I was having a veggie burger.I think that my husband and I were the only ones.
      I’m always thinking of all the animals in factory farms, it’s breaking my heart. I imagine them not moving in their tiny space, cold, scared…
      I’m so happy to be the new person I am now. And really it’s not hard. This is the right thing to do.there are so many options.
      I’m really used to stand alone in some situations to defend animals.It doesn’t scare me.
      Thank you for your adorable comment Rose.It means a lot to me.You are so sweet.Hugs to you<3


  2. Good for you! There are so many meat alternatives on the market…at least in the US. I hope you have the same options in Europe. Once you break the habit of meat, you won’t miss it.

    I did the same thing as you, I made myself watch farming videos for a day. I got cured of my meat love quickly.

    A weird tip – some of your friends may get weirded out or even offended at your new outlook on meat. Just stay strong and eventually people accept it.

    Much love!!!


  3. Dear Anna, thank you for your adorable message. I live in Arizona now but I used to live in England. It all started 3 years ago. People know that I am Vegan.When we go shopping, I don’t buy leather, or wool, or silk….. I don’t buy products tested on animals as you know…
    I try to be as much informed as possible, and have done a lot of research . What makes me really happy and proud is when one person, because of me, is changing his way of thinking and living. Then I know that they will do the same around them. That is the way it works, and more animals will be saved….
    You know all about it.I couldn’t agree more with you.we have a lot in common.
    And you are so right , i don’t miss meat at all.
    you are so sweet<3 thank you again.Loads of Hugs to you.<3


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