Truth’s Campaign to get onto The Ellen Show

This is an initiative that I totally encourage, so I’m giving Reina my full support! I really hope that this great dream will become reality.
I love Truth ( previous post). The belts are absolutely fantastic, they are great quality and truly beautiful.You should have a look at the website the bracelets look amazing too, I love mine.
As you certainly know, I never buy leather or wear leather, so it’s really important for me to have the message out there. Leather is cruel (previous post on my blog too), so why choose to be cruel when gorgeous cruelty free alternatives exist.
Good Luck Renia, I’m with you with all my heart. You deserve this.
I want to share Renia’s letter with you:

Hi Valerie,

I hope you are well! I wanted to let you know about my dream to get onto the Ellen Show with my vegan belts. I can’t remember if I have shared this with you. If so, consider this an update! I am now running my company full time (always had a part-time job before) and this has become my mission!

The Campaign
In early 2013, I had an idea to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Knowing Ellen is a vegan and thinking that Ellen would love my vegan belts, I deemed it to be a realistic goal. Being a huge Ellen fan and a firm believer that fashion can be both animal friendly and environmentally friendly, I thought if she and I could discuss some of the issues surrounding the meat/leather industry on TV, it would help raise awareness, raise consciousness and evoke change.

I hope that this could take place by July 4th, 2014, which just happens to be my birthday!

The strategy to get onto the show is through a wacky campaign, which involves a series of steps in the form of articles and/or videos that will be unleashed into the social media world, one by one. So far three steps have been completed.

Step 1 The Poem – Renia wrote Ellen a poem on In the poem there is a link that will take you to the Ellen Show page where you can leave a suggestion as to what should be on the Ellen Show. The hope is that the Ellen Show people will be bombarded with emails which send a message “Truth Belts should be on your show”.

Step 2 The Postcard – A post card was created to highlight the campaign and will be distributed to anyone who purchases a Truth product on line at and

Step 3 The Self-Inking Stamp – In this step, Renia created a custom, self-inking stamp that reads: “Truth Belts wants to be on the Ellen Show!” Renia will stamp everything possible. In her video she stamps a one hundred dollar bill and her own forehead! No surface is safe!

You can see the videos for this campaign on the Truth YouTube channel (yes, I have one now). You can see the 3 steps so far. Just look for the videos titled Ellen Step 1, 2, 3

Also, the written format of these steps can be found on my blog page here…

I am writing you to ask if you would be willing to blog about this to help me spread the word!


Renia Pruchnicki
Truth Belts













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