The Brutal, Senseless, Killing of Marius the Giraffe….

Howling For Justice

Giraffe RIP Marius_reuters_keldnavntoft_scanpixDenmark

RIP MARIUS/reuters/keldnavntoft/scanpixDenmark

At the Copenhagen zoo, a sweet giraffe named Marius, was shot in the head by the zoo veterinarian , as he was eating a favorite rye bread, then Marius was dismembered, skinned and fed to the lions. This tragedy played out in front of zoo visitors, even children. This is something that could scar a child for life. But the zoo spokesman saw Marius’ murder as a teaching experience for kids.  WHAT?

“I’m actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn’t have had from watching a giraffe in a photo.”…..Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek

Why did this terrible thing happen? Well, apparently the zoo has too many giraffes, and I guess the lions were hungry. Never mind that Marius  was a young giraffe, or that someone had offered to pay over $600,000 to rescue…

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  1. I was horrified as so many . Senseless brutal killing for no good reason…and then gutted out in front of an audience with children there watching. Perhaps they were there so many other times to view Marius …and enjoying and falling in love with the young one. How horrid for these children …as if I were there it would scar me and give me nightmares. Close this heartless Zoo down and give the animals to a sanctuary. Whoever responsible for this decision to kill…may they or he/she be removed immediately as well. RIP Marius…your life cut so so short 😥 ♥


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