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Medicine of the Wolf pic 1
Please check out the trailer for “Medicine of the Wolf,” a film still in production that explores the spiritual, scientific, and ecological value of wolves. The main human subject of the film, Jim Brandenburg is a renowned wildlife photographer and author who has been a powerful wolf advocate for the last 30 years.

From Director Julia Huffman

I spent the last year and a half working on this labor of love for wolves and I am now I am asking my community of wolf advocates across the country to help me to finish the film. It really does “take a village” to make an independent documentary.  We are on the now in our FINAL 10 DAYS left to go on our KICKSTARTER fundraiser and we need to raise 50K to finish production and post production and get the film seen, My hope is to raise awareness about the current abuse…

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  1. May this Film do for Wolves what “Blackfish” is doing for awareness of Orcas & Dolphins. Stop the needless slaughter of these magnificent animals. Must they be extinct for people to care & government to protect? They have the same rights as we do …as the land is as much theirs as ours …if not even more so. There are many methods of control….killing should not be the answer…anymore than it should be for OUR OWN OVER POPULATION as we are truly the ones that are the most destructive to the environment and nature. Industries,Ranchers & Farmers are all about $$$$$ Not Right & Wrongs. So Anxious to see this Film and pray it educates those against Wolves and Enlighten them♥



    Thanks for the heads up on the above film. If you haven’t seen Never Cry Wolf (a Disney production, if you can believe it, but they kept their paws off it and let it be the beautifully quiet, powerful film it is, showing wolves for the wonderful animals they are, and the relationship that should be fostered between them and humans), whew! I recommend it.


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