Month: May 2014

OR7 The Journey – World Premiere – Sunday May 25, 2014!

Howling For Justice


‘OR7 – The Journey’,  is a mesmerizing new documentary film about one adventurous young wolf, from Northeast Oregon, who struck out for new country and ended up making history.

While the reasons behind the radio-collared wolf OR7’s extensive journey were most likely humble and based on instincts alone, the moment he stepped into the state of California, in the fall of 2011, OR-7 became a worldwide celebrity. He’s the first wild wolf known to make tracks in California in almost 90 years.


This amazing story has been recreated for the big screen by accomplished Oregon filmmaker, Clemens Schenk. While initially intrigued by this one wolf’s story, researching  the film led the producer to discover issues and social attitudes negatively impacting all wild wolves in the U.S. Exposing the shameful way American wildlife agencies are treating wild wolves became a driving force behind the movie. While telling the story of this…

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GABRIEL. Gabriel Organics.

Today I will be reviewing the normal to combination Skincare series with white seaweed calming cleanser, the seaweed nourishing moisturizer and the sea mineral tonic.

Gabriel focuses on the rejuvenating and healing qualities that are derived from the sea ingredients that they use. They refer to themselves as pioneers in bringing these ingredients to you, which is wonderful.

We will start with the white seaweed calming cleanser. It smells great and made my skin incredibly soft, I strongly recommend this product as it left my skin feeling replenished.

Next is the sea mineral tonic which you apply with a cotton ball all over your face to prepare your skin for the moisturizer. The application was very easy and it made my skin feel fresh and very clean.

The last product is the series is the seaweed nourishing moisturizer which you apply after the toner, it did not feel too heavy on my face it got absorbed by my skin straight away and made me feel clean once again. My skin felt nourished and refreshed. The moisturizer is currently out of stock and it is so great that I am waiting eagerly for it to come back so that I can purchase another!

These products are organic and cruelty free which means not tested at all on animals which I find truly great and admirable.These a products are also vegan, GMOS and gluten free and there are no synthetic ingredients. I strongly recommend these products they are easy to use and work great together and have such a good ethical background to them.