Sorry all my dear friends.

I would just like to apologize for not having been as active as usual , it was due to some personal and medical issues. Sorry to all of my wonderful readers and the amazing brands awaiting a review from me!

Much love and have a wonderful day!





  1. Hello Val , Hope it’a not too Hard and Strong…here nervous,Back and Beck problems too…the other Side of hypersensibility and to animal cause…silence was necessary for me either for a Time…resting for Better…if you Feel Like it, rest…some Books Helping

    Et « n’oublie Pas d’être heureux» de Christophe André Bises Take Care and Please be the Best You can You’re French friend Gabriel

    Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 04:40:43 +0000 To:


    1. Hi Merlyn, I have a treatment.It takes time my doctor said.My blog is really important to me and I don’t want to let my readers and the brands down. thank you for caring, it means a


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